VCI Single wound sheet & Tube

DSC_0284ControlOx VCI film common use is to create a closed space around large item like a machine or to protect the bottom of the package when using ControlOx VCI hood to cover the machine/component from the top.

ControlOx VCI film can be attached to the 6 walls of wood cases to protect the machine/component when the walls are formed into box.

ControlOx VCI film can be made to fit a wide range of automatic packaging machines for form fill and seal and can be printed with the manufacturer and part information.

25092006017ControOX VCI films are made with the latest polymer technology and with the most modern multi-layer extrusion technology so they have excellent mechanical properties and good barrier from the corrosive elements, metal parts and components are protected in the closed VCI bags for 24 month.

ControlOx VCI films are produced using our unique natural organic formula therefore creating a completely new standard for toxicological safety in the field of VCI.

We offer wide range of film and tube sizes from stock for immediate delivery and can offer custom made sizes and thickness according to customer and application definition.

BFSV Test Report 2430-17_kar_VCI-film Englisch_corrosion protection effect TL 8135-0043_170412

Standard sizes

Single Wound Sheet
WIDTH (mm)Metters x RollThickness (micron)
1000 (Folded)100100
2000 (Folded)100100
3000 (Folded)100100
4000 (Multifolded)50100
6000 (Multifolded)50100
4000 (Multifolded)50150

WIDTH (mm)Metters x RollThickness (micron)

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