logo palmeraControlOx VCI formula is made from all organic components which are approved by the FDA for food packaging or food processing machines, hereby offering the highest possible level of worker safety, both for our production team and for the users of our products. It has a low, pleasant smell, is non-hazardous, simple to use and offers the best available corrosion protection for the metal working industry.

ControlOx Multi Metal Protection will protect most common metals and will not have any effect on plastics or rubber.

ControlOx VCI Products are all nitrite free and comply with TRGS 615

ControlOx VCI polymers and extrusion technology.

ControlOX VCI bags and film are made using the most modern multi-layer extrusion technology and polymer technology so they have excellent mechanical properties and provide a good barrier from corrosive elements.

Metal parts and components in closed VCI bags will be protected for up to 36 months.

Typical property Test method Unit Value
Heat seal strength 1600C/1SEC/50PSI gr/10mm 2000
Tear strength MD ASTM D1004 N/mm2 20.0
Tear strength TD ASTM D1004 N/mm2 18.0
Elongation MD ASTM D882 % 560
Elongation TD ASTM D882 % 600
Corrosion test TL 8135-00 visible Good (grade 3)


ControlOx VCI packaging can be recycled with other LDPE (4) scrap.

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