Technical Support

We can provide you with a complete technical support to prevent corrossion problems in your products and manufacturing process.

Packaging Experts

We are experts in any kind of packaging solutions, not only VCI. We also distribute a complete range of products and machinery for all industries.

Customized Solutions

We can always provide you the solution to your packaging needs. If you have a special requirement, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who we are

ControlOx is our own formula.

We control all the production processes starting with the principle of friendly ecological components that we use in our VCI anti corrosion liquids and powders, continuing on through to the production of our VCI masterbatch and liquids which are used to produce our VCI paper and cartons, right up to the manufacturing of VCI films, bags and other VCI packaging materials.

Controlpack is a company with more than 30 years of experience dedicated exclusively to the commercialisation of solutions for the optimisation of packaging processes. A part of our company is dedicated to VCI anticorrosive packaging, the most suitable solution to protect metals of all kinds during long periods of storage or in the sea and air transport. ControlOx is our own brand and offers a complete range of VCI materials such as stretch film: manual, automatic, sheet, tube, paper, bags, paper, and emitters. We will be present at the FACHPACK fair, an international packaging technology exhibition where we are going to present our VCI packaging products. If you need packaging to solve your corrosion problems in your shipments and storage of your products, do not hesitate to visit us. Come and see us from September 27 to 29 at Fachpack, Nuremberg Exhibition Center at Stand nr 151, Hall 9, where we will gladly assist you. REGISTER NOW (link

Controlox offers a complete range of anticorrossion protection

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive wire strip

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Film Sleeves

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Stretch film

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Plastic bags

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Papers

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Liquids

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Emitters

VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Carton Box