VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Carton Box

Anticorrosive Carton Box

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VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Carton Box

Anticorrosive Carton Box, the corrosion protection in one easy step.

The carton box that protects your metal parts from corrosion.

With this easy system, you only need to place the piece inside the box and close it using your usual procedure.

VCI BOX is a carton box which VCI additives have been added to protect metal parts against external agents (water, moisture, air) causing damage to metal parts, especially in shipments in extreme environmental conditions.

Anticorrosive Carton Box closes hermetically and eliminates the need for no more packing (bags, paper, foil, polyethylene film packing) so that the piece is fully protected.

  • Several sizes in stock. Customized sizes and designs are also available, please ask us for an offer.
  • Ability to print to improve the image of your products, or to achieve greater visibility of your company.
  • Produced in different thicknesses of cardboard, to ensure complete safety in your expeditions

VCI Box is manufactured in Spain and meets all necessary quality standards for use in sectors such as the automotive industry, manufacturers and distributors of electrical materials, metal parts and profiles, hardware, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturers.