VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Stretch film

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VCI CONTROLOX Anticorrosive Stretch film

VCI Anticorrosive Stretch film is manufactured to prevent corrosion by incorporating the antioxidant additive in the extrusion process.

Thanks to this production system, the material wrapped in this product is fully protect against oxidising agents that can damage the metal.

VCI Anticorrosive Stretch film can be used both manually and automatically for materials of different sizes, thanks to its easy adaptability.

ControlOx VCI stretch film, protects the metal parts against corrosion as well as dust and moisture.

ControlOx is available in various sizes to cover all packaging needs.

As the material is stretchable, it is much more convenient and practical than applying oils and greases.

All this means that the material is clean and 100% recyclable.

All material packaged with ControlOx is ready for immediate use once removed from the packaging.