VCI Stretch film

vci-films-climacor-vci-extrusionadora filmControlOx VCI stretch film is a good option for corrosion protection and wrapping and stabilizing pallet of metal parts and to wrap raw material like steel coils. ControlOx VCI additive is impregnated into the film in the extrusion process assuring slow release and long term protection.

Products packed with ControlOX stretch are fully protected against oxidation and rust that can damage the metal.

ControlOX Stretch film can be supplied for manual applicator, mini rolls and for automatic machine like pallet wrapping or special machines for coil or raw material wrapping.

Manually or automatically, ControlOx protects parts against corrosion at the same time against dust and moisture.

We stock several thicknesses in jumbo rolls to cover all packaging needs. Being stretchable material, it is much more comfortable and practical to apply oils and fats. All this implies that the material is clean and 100% recyclable.

All material packed with ControlOx, ready for use, once removed from the packaging.

BFSV Test Report 2430-17_kar_VCI-film Englisch_corrosion protection effect TL 8135-0043_170412

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